When communicating we use a variety of terms and words that perhaps is not always completely clear, so below we have started our own dictionary with explanations. We will update this as new functionalities are added, but if you feel like something is missing please reach out to us in the chat.

Indexed Product

A Prisjakt product with at least one offer from your product feed. A Prisjakt product, such as iPhone 12 Pro, has its own page where multiple shops may have offers listed.

Indexed Offer

An offer from your product feed that is sorted to a Prisjakt Product. An offer may contain multiple variants, such as colours or sizes.

Categories Covered

The number of Prisjakt categories where your shop has at least one indexed product.

If your product fits into any of Prisjakts categories, the product is considered indexed and the category is then covered.

A list of all active categories is found here.

Feed Errors

The total number of errors found during the last validation of your product feed. Note that these errors only refer to the formatting of your feed, not the data it contains.

Info on how your feed should be formatted in order to be validated without errors can be found here.

User Reports

Problems reported by users on Prisjakt. Reports can be created by users that bounce back from your homepage to Prisjakt, they are divided into wrong stock and wrong price - Read more on how users report problems

On Business Center we visualize all reported problems during the last 7 days for your shop (Note: even if the error is fixed, the report will stay visible here during the remainder of the 7 day period).

If you see "Hidden" it means the offer has been removed from our listing, once the error has been fixed the offer will be re-index and visible on the Prisjakt product again.

Product Catalogue

The collected view of you products on Prisjakt. The current state of indexed offers, categories covered, feed errors and user reported problems - everything connected to your products and your product feed.

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