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How do you report an error on PriceSpy?

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We aim to always show the correct data, but sometimes there are errors on site.

If there is something on site that you feel is not correctly displayed such as stock values, prices or product specifications we would be super grateful if you reported that error to us!

When you click on the green "View in shop" button you get sent to the shops page, if you realize something is wrong there you can go back to PriceSpy and where that same button was you can now see a message as presented in the screenshot below

If you click on "Report error" you are presented with a new view as shown below

This only works with featured shops with a direct link to the products.

If you find an issue with a store that is not featured you can report it in to us directly here at the support. You do this by going to the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of the website, as shown in the screenshot below.

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