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Update Clicks & cost section - Business Center
Update Clicks & cost section - Business Center
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Clicks and cost is an important tool for shops to control and view their traffic as well as their spend with Prisjakt.
Improvements are constantly happening in Business Center, this time the Clicks and cost section is due an update.

What does this update entail?

We have taken a look at the possibility to check on the development of individual products & categories and their trends.
So now on you will be able to view a category or a product and see its evolution over time on Prisjakt.

The new view gives you as a shop representative a lot more flexibility in how you can track performance of your inventory on our plattform.

Previously the category and product page of the Clicks and cost section looked like this

But with this update it will look like this when looking at a category.

Here you can see the trafik trend for the selected leaf category* and which products have recieved clicks. The products are ranked from most clicks to least.

A new feature here as well is the blue statistics-icon next to the click count for each product, clicking this icon will give you the overview for that specific product.
Which you can see below what that looks like.

This is when looking at a product, in this case I clicked the statistics icon for the top product in the image above. You can also click "Products" in the top menu and then search for a specific product.
​General search terms such as "iPhone" will work as well and show any and all products that contains the search word.

Sometimes when you select a specific product, you might see several lines for the same offer. If there are multiple lines it means that you have either had a discount within that price segment, so the click cost is lower, or you've gotten clicks on refurbished/used offers.

So a much more detailed and simple way to get a overview on a specific category as well as the products that are in that category or a specific product that has received clicks within the selected period, ranked by amount of clicks.

That was all for this time,

Have a good day!

* - At this time it is only possible to select leaf categories such as "Computers & Accessories -> Monitors" Where the bold leaf catgory is the only selected category.
At a later date you will be able to select the "main" category as well, which would be "Computers & Accessories" in the above example.

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