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With Promotions, you can highlight your offers on PriceSpy. Your promotion is highly visible on each product page.

You select the information that should be visible together with the offers that are included in the promotion.

Note - Promotions is an extra add-on you need to buy, contact us for more info

Step-by-step guide to setup a promotion:

  1. Add the promotion to Business Center

    1. With the Promotions tool in the Business Center you set up all information connected to the campaign - promotion_id, title, description, image, start/end date, and URL to your campaign page.
      You can do this in advance, you don't have to set it up on the day.
      Recommended image size is 800x800px, max 150kB. This is to avoid long loading times.

    2. Publish the campaign, it will start on the selected start date (There is a 6-month duration limit for a promotion)

  2. In your normal product feed, you now add the same promotion_id to all the offers you want to include in the campaign, which you entered in Business Center.
    It's possible to connect an offer to several promotions (max 10), either comma-separated (CSV) or enter several fields (XML), see our feed specification for details on how to enter this.

    Note - Check that you have the same promotion_id set in the Business Center as in your regular product feed in the promotion_id field of the offers you want to include.

The offers you included in the promotion will then show with the promotion information on PriceSpy.

Swedish version, but you can get a feeling of the concept

Guidelines to consider

A promotion must contain selected products or refer to a discounted price in any way, some examples of what is OK/Not OK follow below:


10%, 20% etc

Gift included

3 for 2, 4 for 3 etc.


​Not OK:

Buy now, pay later

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