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Code of Conduct for Shops and Marketplaces on Prisjakt
Code of Conduct for Shops and Marketplaces on Prisjakt

Uppförandekod (Code of Conduct)

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Listed shops and marketplaces are featured in various price and product comparisons on Prisjakt, including Hintaopas, Prisjagt, PriceSpy and leDénicheur. Prisjakt's services and brand are dedicated to helping consumers find and compare products and prices, thereby making more informed purchasing decisions.

We aim to make a positive difference for both consumers and shops, and shopping becomes better when both consumers and shops have access to accurate and relevant information.

These guidelines apply to all usage of Prisjakt, and they are subject to updates as Prisjakt evolves over time.

Questions and Help

Prisjakt's Help Center and Customer Care Advisors are available to ensure that shops effectively utilize Prisjakt. We provide guidance and in-depth information on various topics related to optimal use of the services.

Shops and users are always welcome to reach out to our Customer Care Advisors or visit our Help Center for guidance.

Use Prisjakt Properly

We aim to reduce the risk of Prisjakt being used in ways that may negatively affect both consumers and shops. It is essential that listed shops comply with current legislation. For the shop, it is important to actively seek current information on the correct use of Prisjakt and to follow information updates and any suggestions.

Here are some examples of activities that we take especially seriously

Fake or Biased Reviews

Prisjakt maintains a neutral stance in cases of disputes between review authors and shops

Prisjakt does not permit the abuse or manipulation of reviews

For instance, we do not allow reviews written by individuals closely connected to the company or on behalf of the company.

Please remember that, according to the law, companies are not allowed to post or instruct another legal or physical person to post fake consumer reviews or falsely act as consumers.

Reviews and Compensation

Prisjakt's reviews should reflect genuine consumer experiences

Hence, we do not permit shops or manufacturers to offer compensation to review authors on Prisjakt. Keep in mind that our users should not post reviews in exchange for promised or potential compensation.

Such compensation may include, for example, promised discounts, coupons, the opportunity to keep the product after testing, or purchase it at a lower price, product samples, money, participation in lotteries/contests, bonus points, or other tokens/benefits.

How We Operate

Prisjakt continuously evaluates cooperation with shops based on our goals and values.

If we determine that consumers are at risk of losing paid funds, not receiving ordered items, or not being able to exercise basic consumer rights when purchasing from a listed shop, Prisjakt investigates and takes necessary actions. This may also apply to activities that pose a risk to Prisjakt's brand, reputation, or credibility. Prisjakt informs consumers of such circumstances when necessary.

We also investigate suspected fake, misleading, and fraudulent activities, as well as shops that may not be able to deliver ordered items due to insolvency or other factors, which may result in us temporarily or permanently disabling the shop's presence on Prisjakt.

It is, of course, not allowed to continue activities that a shop has previously received a warning for. Prisjakt's decision on the action to be taken is valid after an investigation.

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