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B2B FAQ Business Center User Account

B2B Business Center User Account Update

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  • “Why is this migration happening?”

    • We are in the process of transitioning to a new login provider, separating end-users accounts from business-user accounts.

  • “How do I migrate? Do I need to do anything?”

    • The only thing you need to do is to sign up here. If you continue to use your current email address, you will keep your previous permissions and connections

  • “My Prisjakt account function both as an admin for my shop and also as an end user of Prisjakt. How will the migration affect this?”

    • Your current account serving a dual purpose will be separated into a business account and an end-user account. FAQ for end users

    • You will have two separate accounts, one for Prisjakt as an end user, and one for Business Center as a business user.

  • "I didn't verify my email in time, the verification link is not valid anymore. What should I do?"

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