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Clicks and discrepancies in analytics software
Clicks and discrepancies in analytics software
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There are a number of reasons why the number of clicks Prisjakt invoices you for don’t match up with the number of “sessions” an analytics provider may report. Most likely this will be a combination of factors. Here we include the most likely contributors.

  • Measurement discrepancies: Different tracking systems may have variations in their methodologies and algorithms for defining “sessions”. Prisjakt counts a click when a user clicks to the shop and de-duplicates if the same user clicks within 10 seconds. Some analytics providers may treat a returning user within 30 minutes as one and the same session.

  • Traffic from other sources: A significant portion of clicks from Prisjakt originate from Prisjakts own native apps as well as from partner apps. Many of these apps don’t pass referer data and will be reported in the analytics software as “Direct”.

  • Ad blocking or JavaScript disabled: Ad blockers and users who have JavaScript disabled can prevent the tracking software registering clicks or sessions. While Prisjakt will record and count the clicks, your analytics software may not be able to capture them if the tracking code is blocked or disabled.

  • Sampled data: Some Analytics providers sample the data they show to their end users. In effect your analytics data is only as accurate as the amount of traffic data not being sampled. In some cases this can have a significant impact.

  • Redirected traffic: Redirects in landing pages can keep the Analytics code from launching and properly identifying the traffic origin from Prisjakt. If e.g. the URL in the feed is, and you’ve created a 301, 302, or JavaScript redirect from that URL to, the analytics software may record the visit as originating from “Direct”.

  • Time Discrepancies: Clicks and sessions may not be reported in real-time and could experience delays. Prisjakt report clicks immediately, while your analytics software may have a delay in recording sessions, leading to a discrepancy in the reported numbers.

  • Bot clicks: We are using market leading tools to identify and block bot clicks in real-time. Sometimes bot clicks aren’t caught directly and instead removed afterwards. This can lead to a discrepancy in the number of clicks in our records compared to analytics tools.

  • Implementation Issues: Incorrect or incomplete implementation of tracking codes or tags on your website can also lead to discrepancies. It’s crucial to ensure that the tracking codes from both the advertising provider and analytics software are correctly implemented on all relevant pages.

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