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Possible for you to connect your offers to our products manually

Written by Prisjakt B2B
Updated over a week ago

In our Business Center, you can connect your product offers to PriceSpy products manually. You can find the tool via Shop Settings -> Product Matching.

By searching on the product name, you can send us a suggestion of the connection you want to make.

How does it work?

  1. In the first field - Search for your product offer, from your product feed.

  2. In the second field - Search for the correct PriceSpy product.

  3. Click Submit, in the table below you will see information about your product match request.

This is a step to get away from the process of sending product match requests through email or chat. Instead, you can now handle it yourself whenever it suits you.

What does Status mean?

We show a status on your request so that you can get a better overview of where in the process it is right now - OK, In progress or Failed.

  • OK - The matching worked, your offer is now visible on the chosen PriceSpy product.

  • In progress - We are trying to connect your offer to the PriceSpy product, check back later to see updates (It may take up to 24 hours)

  • Failed - Our attempt to connect your offer to the PriceSpy product failed, try again or contact us if the error remains.

Many product match requests?

If you have a large amount of product match requests, we recommend that you instead make sure to include GTIN and/or the manufacturer part number (MPN) in your product feed. Then we can, in most cases, connect your offers automatically to the right PriceSpy product. Another alternative is that you include the Prisjakt ID in your product feed, then you can control exactly what PriceSpy product your offer should be connected to.

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