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Product Matching in Business Center

Possible for you to connect your offers to our products manually

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Why did we create the Product Matching Tool?

This is a step to simplify the process both for you as a customer but also for us at Prisjakt. Now you don't need to email or chat with us to submit requests when you notice that you are missing on a product page. Instead, you can handle it yourself whenever it suits you best, such as on weekends and weekdays after our chat is closed.

Link your offers to Prisjakt's products

In the Business Center, there is now an opportunity for you to manually link your offers to Prisjakt's products. You will find the tool in the menu on the left hand side.

By searching for the product name, you can send us suggestions for links that you wish to make.

How does it work?

  1. In the first field - Search among your product offers from your product feed.

  2. In the second field - Search among Prisjakt's products.

  3. If you do not find a suitable product, you can click on the "suggest product" button, which is inside the second field, and a request will be sent to our team.
    - If the suggestion looks good, our team will create a new product page as soon as they can.

What does the different statuses mean?

We put a status on your request so that you have a better idea of where it stands in the process:

  • OK: The matching worked
    Your offer is now visible on the selected Prisjakt product.

  • Ongoing: We are trying to link your offer to the Prisjakt product.
    Check back later for updates (It may take up to a day).

  • Failed: Our attempt to link the product failed.
    Try again or contact us if the error persists.

Multiple products to link?

If you have a large number of product matches you want to make, we recommend that you ensure all necessary information is included in your feed first. Recommended to include are:

These bits of information makes it easier for our automatic system to pick up products, which means you don't need to match multiple individual products at once.

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