Does your shop have a membership program? Perhaps you have special offers or delivery for members? Then you can make that information visible to visitors of PriceSpy*.

In our Business Center, you can add information about your membership program. This will be visible on PriceSpy for our visitors early next year. *Note that this will require you to have the Member Prices subscription - please contact us for more information. You can read more about what is included here.

Add a membership program

  1. In Business Center, Go to Shop Settings -> Membership Program

  2. Add the name of the membership program and a URL to the signup page

  3. If the membership requires compensation, tick the box "Membership has an associated cost."

Connect your membership program to a shipping service

  1. In Business Center, Go to Shipping Services -> Add a shipping service

  2. Tick the box for "This shipping service is for members only."

  3. Follow the guide through and add your shipping service

Prelaunch - Feature in development.

Feel free to add info about your membership program, but it will not show on PriceSpy until the feature is fully launched. If you want to know more - please contact us

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