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Make your membership or loyalty program visible to our users

Written by Prisjakt B2B
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Does your shop have a membership or loyalty program? Perhaps you have special offers or delivery for members? Then you can make that information visible to visitors of PriceSpy*.

In our Business Center, you can add information about your membership program. This will be visible on PriceSpy for our visitors in the product list. *Note that this will require you to have the Member Prices subscription - please contact us for more information. You can read more about what is included here.

Add a membership program

  1. In Business Center, Go to Shop Settings -> Membership Program

  2. Add the name of the membership program and a URL to the signup page

  3. If the membership requires compensation, tick the box "Membership has an associated cost."

Connect your membership program to a shipping service

  1. In Business Center, Go to Shipping Services -> Add a shipping service

  2. Tick the box for "This shipping service is for members only."

  3. Follow the guide through and add your shipping service

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