In our Business Center, you can find a section for Brand Insights with data for you as a Brand user. To get access to this you need our Featured Brand package, please contact our sales department for more info on this.

The data you can find:

  • Your resellers - Number of Authorised Dealers and the total amount of shops selling your products.

  • Best categories - your brand - Top five categories based on total click-outs to your brand.

  • Best categories - your brand vs. competition - Top five categories based on all Prisjakt clicks and your market share vs. other brands

  • Shop click market share - Top five shops based on clicks to your products.

  • Brand click market share - Top five brands based on total clicks on Prisjakt. View full list.

  • Inventory Analysis - A tool where you can explore the categories where you have products, and see data on:

    • Popularity

    • Number of shops

    • Shop with lowest price

    • Lowest price

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