Interpret the validation report

The PriceSpy validation report helps you find and solve errors you may have in your product feed

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The PriceSpy validation report helps you find errors you may have in your product feed. To get access to this tool, you need to have a standardized product feed. If you can't see the menu alternative Product Feeds in Business Center - Contact us

If we encounter a problem reading your product feed, you will get access to the validation report, to help you debug the problem.

You reach the report by clicking the link under Status, as seen below.

Interpret the validation report

The validation report is divided into two parts. The first part, Error overview, shows a summary of the validation.

  • Feed URL

  • Latest run

  • Number of criticals

  • Number of warnings

  • Total number of affected offers

The second part shows a table with information on what attributes the error occurs on.

  • Severity

  • Affected field, more info about each field can be found in our Feed specification

  • Error code

  • Affected offers

  • What is the consequence of the error

  • Example ID in feed

With the Example ID, you can manually search your feed to see an example of an affected offer, a good start for debugging.

Some more in-depth explanation of Error code and Consequence

  • Error code

    • Missing - A given value is missing

    • Invalid - The values do not follow our guidelines

    • Unknown - We can't recognize the value, it doesn't follow our guidelines

  • Consequence

    • Depending on the error there are a number of different consequences

    • For Critical, the offer will always get excluded from our reading (our ingestion of the feed)

    • For Warning, the affected data for the specific offer and attribute will get excluded. E.g - if a GTIN code or image is missing from an offer, it could mean that it would take more time to match your offer to our product (Longer indexing time)

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