Click and Cost shows costs per month and category for your offers on PriceSpy.

The overview shows the total cost per month, divided between click types:

  • Product - Your listed offers connected to our products

  • Expert - Your unlisted offers, not connected to our products

  • Site - Clicks to your website / your home page

Remember: All data for the current month are estimates. We remove spam clicks at the end of the month.

The standard view shows data for the current month. You can also filter the data by month and category.

You can download all your data for the selected month by not choosing a category. Click the button to download a CSV file (we can export 10 000 rows at the most).

If you only want data for a specific category, select the one you want and click the button to download a CSV file.

When greeted by this empty box, the selected category has no click data for the chosen month.

This view means we don't have click data for the selected category and month.

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