We’d like all shops to use the standardised Google Merchant feed
format. The reason for this is that it makes things easier when
verifying your feed and importing the data into our systems. It also
helps us to find any errors in the feed much faster. The Google
Merchant format also allows us to use our own attributes to offer
additional functionality.

Functions that only work with a standardised feed:

Member prices: Shows reduced product prices only available
to members of your customer club.
Sale prices: Shows the price of a product with its price
reduced for a limited period.
PriceSpy ID (Prisjakt_id): Offers better control over our
product indexing so that you can match the product to our
index so that your offer is listed correctly.
Shipping label: Enables you to control which shipping
services are available for which offers.

In addition to the functions listed above, we’re always working on
new and exciting features for you to use. As an example, we’ll be
introducing a variant system that will make it much easier for our
users to find the right product on PriceSpy.

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