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Manage your feeds in Business Center
Manage your feeds in Business Center

Manage and see status of your feeds

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As a shop user, you can in Business Center manage your feeds and see their current status.

This function is limited to shops that have the recommended feed format - Google/PriceSpy, or if you're a completely new shop to PriceSpy.

If you don't see the menu option Feeds in Business Center, that means that your product feed doesn't have the recommended format or that we have a custom solution for fetching your offers.

For more information on how to start using the standard format - see our Feed Specification guide.

The following features are available:

  • Add a product feed

  • Add a promotion feed

  • Activate/deactivate a feed

  • Get notifications on errors with your product feed

  • See a list of your feeds with info:

    • URL/Name of feed

    • Format

    • Type

    • Latest run

    • Feed health

    • Active - Yes/No

    • Status

    • Edit feed settings

      • Technical settings for your feed

      • Update feed format

      • Set display name

To see offers with errors/warnings you can use the Download report button, this gives you a CSV report with up to 100 example IDs.

Add a feed

(If you don't see the menu option "Product-feeds" in the Business Center - contact us!)

To add a new feed via Business Center, go to Product feeds - Add new feed.

First step - choose feed type

  1. Product feed - also called offer feed, the normal feed to get all your offers on PriceSpy, like the Google merchant feed.

  2. Promotion feed - a feed to show your promotions/campaigns on PriceSpy, without the need fo the UI in Business Center for setup. This is a paid feature

We only accept feeds with the format Google/Prisjakt. If you are unsure what this means or what we want you to add to the feed - see our Feed Specification guide

To activate/deactivate a product feed

If you add a new product feed it will be activated automatically. If you want us to stop reading info from a feed, you can choose to deactivate it. The offers for that feed will then not be updated anymore on PriceSpy.

If you want to change to a new feed, first step is to add the new feed, according to Add new product feed above. Then you deactivate the old feed, so we only read updates from the new feed.

If a problem occurs with your feed or with the reading of the feed, it can be deactivated by us or by you until the issue has been solved.

To remove a feed and it's connected offers, please contact us.

To activate/deactivate a promotion feed

Follows the same pattern as for a product feed, but a promotion feed contains a start and end date for the promotion(s) it defines, this will be visible in the Promotions section in Business Center, as Upcoming, Ongoing or Finished

List of active feeds

In the list of active feeds you can see info about:

  • URL/Display name

  • Format

  • Type

  • Latest run

    • The last time we read your feed to update your offers on PriceSpy

  • Health

  • Active

  • Status

  • Edit

    • Technical settings for your feed

    • Possibility to update format

    • Add a display name for your feed

Get notifications on errors with your product feed

Activate notifications and we will send you an email as soon as we have a problem reaching or reading your product feed. From the email, you can quickly reach our Business Center to read more about the actual error message, so that you can take action on resolving it.

You activate notifications in Business Center, on the Product Feeds page. Up in the right corner of that page, you have the option to activate/deactivate the send-out to the email you are currently login in with.

When it's working again, you will get a new notification with info on how many offers were read, the URL we are reading, and a link to Business Center if you want to check the current status further.

See detailed information when there is a problem reading your feed

For you to be able to take action as fast as possible, when an error occurs with your product feed, we have a validation report. This contains detailed information about the issue.

We link directly to the report from the notification email, but you can also reach it through Business Center -> Product Feeds by clicking the link under status -> Critical errors/Warnings.

More information on how to interpret the validation report can be found here - Interpret the validation report

If you have any questions or feedback - Contact us!

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