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How to use a more attractive offer on PriceSpy
How to use a more attractive offer on PriceSpy
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We always strive to present the best deal on a product. Which is why
we’re currently working on presenting your best deals. The two attributes, sale_price and member_price will enable us to retrieve and present them on our website.

Sale prices

Now we’re making it even simpler and easier for you to present your
really attractive time-limited price reductions on our website.

With the new sale_price attribute in your feed, we can show both your
current offer and the previous selling price. You can also add information
about how long the price applies by using the sale_price_effective_date

This means that a price that isn’t a Daily Deal is still highlighted as a
really attractive price on our website. What’s more, the terms of your
special offers are made even clearer to consumers.

For sale prices to appear, you must add sale_price to our standard feed or
your Google Merchant feed. You can also use the optional
sale_price_effective_date attribute to show how long the offer applies

Member prices

If you have a customer club offering member prices, you are able to
show them on our website.

Shops that have activated the paid Member Price service and use the
member_price attribute in their standard feed or Google Merchant feed
have the option of showing their really attractive member prices.

You need to inform us whether your customer club requires compensation or not. To do this go to Business Center -> Settings - Membership Program, here you also need to add the URL to where users sign up for your customer club.

Member prices are shown in our price history, marked as "member price".

Read more about the member_price attribute here.

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