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Winter/Spring Release 2022
Winter/Spring Release 2022
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Winter/Spring Release 2022

We're kicking off the new year with new functionality and tiny tweaks to our site – so our users can find your offers and make better decisions. Here's what we've improved on lately.

Let customers know your delivery time

From now on offers with fast delivery will have better visibility. In order not to lose visibility on our site, we ask you to fill in information about your delivery times. You can do this two ways; inside the Business Center, or by entering the information in PriceSpy's new price file.

Our app is now updated

Price alerts on the start page

Our users can now see their latest price alert on the start page. This means they will more easily see what that latest price alert was on if they had to dismiss a notification, giving an overview of the latest price for their favourite products.

More viewing options

Our new product cards and viewing options give a better image view of the product (card-view) or a better overview of many products (list-view). Users can now also save away while browsing with the improved “add to list” button.

Better price graph

We’ve made some nifty updates to the price graph as well. A new view, easier period selection, AND alert creation from the page (saving our users a couple of clicks).

That's it for now!

Your feedback is super helpful to us while we work on making the PriceSpy experience the best it can be, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your valued opinions here.

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