To give our users the ability to filter on the delivery type and display a more accurate delivery time for your offers, e.g "UPS, £5.99" and "1 - 2 days" rather than simply "In stock", you need to provide us with your delivery information.

You have two options to do this:

  1. Via your product feed, to be able to define shipping on individual offers. Information about delivery type (Home delivery, Package locker etc) has to be set in Business Center though.

  2. Via Business Center,

    1. On shop level for all your offers, no shipping information in the product feed needed.

    2. For selected offers by using Shipping Labels, corresponding shipping label information in the product feed is required.

    3. For selected offers by using Size and/or Weight, corresponding information in the product feed is required.

Note - Shipping information for an offer in the product feed overrides information provided in the Business Center. So if you have shipping cost available in your product feed, that will override any settings you do on shipping in Business Center.

1. Product feed

To define shipping for individual offers, you have two options depending on the feed format:

  • Non-PriceSpy-standard: You can define a shipping cost per offer in the feed by using the “cost with shipping” attribute. The cost gets associated with a shipping service of an unknown name and type.

  • Prisjakt standard Define shipping cost, service name, and time using the Shipping attribute.

    E.g it could look like this for an offer in an XML product feed.

    <price>5.99 GB</price>

2. Business Center

To define shipping for all offers, or a selected subset, create shipping services in the Business Center. The following attributes are available (all optional):

  • Service name (Only visible in Business Center)

  • Carrier name

  • Type (Mailbox, Service box, In-store pickup, Service point)

  • Handling time

  • Transit time

  • Cost (Flat rate, Rate over a value, Free)

  • Conditions (Weight, Shipping label, Size)

Note: If you define two shipping services that both cover all your offers, the one with the lowest shipping cost will be visible on PriceSpy.

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