Many consumers are looking for products on sale. They find them in Daily Deals all year round, and on our seasonal sales pages during periods like Black Friday, Boxing Day Sales and Singles' Day.

Daily Deals and our seasonal sales pages work the same way. As a shop, all you have to do is to make sure we have your products and updated prices in our database. The deals are chosen automatically.

You can find all sales pages here:

Criteria for Daily Deals and seasonal sales

The deals are chosen automatically, and can not be added manually by us or anyone else.

We show deals from selected categories only. All products and prices in our database in those categories are eligible to be shown. In order to show, they have to meet our criteria.

We do not share the full list of criterias, as we actively combat attempts to circumvent them. However, we do base our criterias on price reduction, popularity of the product, and availability on the market.

As standard, we show the most popular (clicked on) deals at top.

Criteria for sales pages between the seasons

When our seasonal sales pages are inactive (eg. between the sales periods), we show a list of 20 shops. The shops are chosen automatically and can not be added manually by us or anyone else.

We show the shops with the most popular (clicked on) offers on PriceSpy at any given moment. All shops in our database are eligible to be shown.

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