How will consumers shop this year?

Black Friday has grown from a standalone sale day to a monster sale event that takes place over a week. Price drops are happening earlier and earlier across November and more retailers are taking part. But how are Swedish consumers expected to shop this year?

Get invaluable information from Insights Weekly

Insights Weekly is the newsletter that provides you with data and statistics for your store and the categories you are active in. Information that is invaluable for Black Week, which is around the corner.

In the email, we show the most important products for your store, but also trends and statistics on what is happening in your categories. In addition, we provide a forecast for the coming week based on consumer behavior at this time last year.

This is only available in Sweden.

Inform us about your promotional products

One of the busiest shopping periods of the year is just around the corner. We want your products to be as visible as possible on PriceSpy during Black Week, but we need your help. If you already know which promotional products you will have, we’d you to let us know. We can then look to do our best to make sure your products appear correctly on PriceSpy.

We will retrieve all your information from your product feed. So during these hectic times, we ask you as the first step to double-check your product feed is correct. If everything is in order in your product feed, but still is wrong in PriceSpy, contact us.

Gather reviews during Black Friday

We are facing one of the most intense sales periods of the year, so take the opportunity to ask your customers to submit shop reviews. In addition to the fact that positive reviews increase your chances of winning our Shop of the Year 2021 competition, you will benefit from these reviews in the future.

As mentioned in our autumn/winter release, we also highlight the shops that our users recommend on our product pages.

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