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Rules about reviews and how we use them to choose the winner

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Who are allowed to submit reviews in the Shop of the Year competition?

At PriceSpy, we have rules for who can submit shop reviews and how it should be done. It’s important for both you as a shop owner and all consumers that the reviews are genuine and written by people who don’t benefit from thinking in a certain way - positive as well as negative.

Here we summarise three general rules that are extra important before the Shop of the Year competition begins:

  • You, your staff and your immediate family may not write reviews about your shop or your competitors. This also applies to people within your shop group, company group or store chain.

  • A shop review must be based on the consumer's own experience of a recently completed or planned purchase in the shop, or alternatively, a matter that the shop has handled.

  • A review must never be made against any form of compensation, such as a discount code or the opportunity to win something in a draw. Read more about this here.

We always have the right to hide and investigate assessments that we suspect do not follow PriceSpy’s regulations. Reviews that are under investigation are not included in the Shop of the Year competition.

Reviews for the Shop of the Year competition

  • Between 1 December 2022 and 30 November 2023, all shop reviews submitted are included in the Shop of the Year competition. All shops automatically participate in the competition.

  • Users leave reviews on your shop page on PriceSpy, directly at a purchase or afterwards. The review can apply to both an online purchase and a purchase in a physical shop. PriceSpy doesn't separate reviews for your various sales channels.

  • A user can submit reviews to several different shops, but only once per shop.

  • Only visible reviews submitted during the competition period are included in the competition, which means that previously submitted reviews that are updated during the competition period are also included. But the review must refer to a planned or completed purchase made between 1 December 2022 and 30 November 2023.

This is how the winners are selected

Based on the number of reviews and average grades during the competition period, a Shop of the Year score is calculated for each shop. The one with the highest score wins the Shop of the year award.

Those with the highest score in each shop category win the category prizes. The shops are categorised based on their product range on PriceSpy.

The calculation model we use to calculate the shops' Shop of the Year points is called the Bayesian average, a model that IMDB, among others, uses. Here is an article with examples for those who want to immerse themselves.

The winners will be announced on 14 December, 2023. PriceSpy's decision cannot be appealed.

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