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Written by Prisjakt B2B
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Why don't I have access to Business Center?

If you are faced with this message when you log in to the PriceSpy Business Center, it is for one of the following reasons:

  1. Your PriceSpy user is not linked to your shop/brand.

    Solution: Please contact us and we will help you

  2. You have no shop or brand registered on PriceSpy

    Solution: First step should be to register.

    1. If it concerns a shop, you can list yourself here. You can read about the benefits of and requirements for being listed here.

    2. Is it a brand you want to include on PriceSpy? Contact us and we will help you.

Why is my shop set as Inactive?

If you see this when you login to your shop in Business Center, it means that your is not visible on PriceSpy, it's deactivated. If you have any questions on why - Please contact us

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