This attribute is optional, the feed will be accepted if the attribute has no values.

It is strongly recommended for Fashion and Beauty categories to improve search and listings.

Technical specification

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Limit: maximum 100 characters


No, please use one attribute per product.

XML syntax

<color>cerulean blue</color> 

CSV Syntax

cerulean blue black/white


  • Use the same colour as in your product page

  • Include up to 3 different colours in format blue/black/green where the first is primary, and the other two secondary

  • Don't use numbers and HTML colour coding

  • Don't use phrases describing other product properties like design, pattern, size etc


Product: iPhone 12 Space Grey 
id: IP1247SG
color: Space Grey
item_group_id: IP1247
Product: iPhone 12 Pink 
id: IP1247P
color: Pink
item_group_id: IP1247
Product: iPhone 12 Black 
id: IP1247B
color: Black
item_group_id: IP1247
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