Condition - The new PriceSpy feed format
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This attribute is required. It allows us to properly display condition of a product in our product listing.


  • Type: String

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Repeatable: no

Accepted values

  • damaged packaging
    The product is new in its original packaging but the packaging has been damaged.

  • demo
    The product has been used for shop display or for testing.

  • new
    The product is new and in its original packaging, which has not been opened.

  • refurbished
    The product is not new but has been professionally restored to working order and so appears new.

  • used
    The product has been used before, the original packaging has been opened, or the original packaging is missing.

XML examples

  • Example 1


CSV examples

  • Example 1

    Column: condition

    Value: new


Requirements explained

  • Use only one attribute of this type per product

  • Make sure the attributes reflects actual product condition

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