Required for each product. id should be unique for every product and not be changed or re-used for other products, a good practice is to use SKUs as ids as SKUs also are unique.


  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Must be case-insensitive (Meaning abc123 will be the same as ABC123)

  • No whitespace allowed


  • Limit: maximum 36 characters

Accepted values

  • Numbers, letters (case insensitive), dash (-) and underscore (_)

  • Value must be unique

  • XML syntax examples


  • CSV syntax examples


Requirements explained

  • id must be unique (If not unique, your product will be indexed incorrectly)

  • id must be case-insensitive (Casing will not make IDs unique, abc123 = ABC123)

  • id cannot be re-used (If re-used, your product might end up indexed to the wrong Prisjakt product)

  • id cannot change (If changed, the product will need to be indexed again)

  • id must follow UTF-8 specs

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