Required for each product. We need links to be able to re-direct users to your product page. In the link attribute you provide the URL for your product page.


  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Standard: RFC 3986


  • Limit: maximum 2047 characters

Accepted values

  • Start with http or https

  • URL encoded

  • Only one value per product

  • XML syntax example


  • CSV syntax example


Requirements explained

  • Start with http or https (e.g https://www.example.com/product/galaxys6)

  • Follow RFC 3986

  • Only one value per product, if you provide several URLs only one will be accepted

  • Use stable url (for better user experience)

  • Use url to pre-selected product variants (if applicable)

  • Use as few redirects as possible (for better user experience)

  • Replace symbols or spaces with URL encoded entities, meaning you should replace for instance ? with %3F

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