This attribute is optional. Datetime range indicating when sale_price is active. If you don't submit this attribute sale_price always applies.


  • Type: String

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Repeatable: no

Accepted values

  • Standard: ISO 8601

  • Up to 51 characters

  • Two dates separated with "/" (ISO 8601)

XML examples

  • Example 1


CSV examples

  • Example 1

    Column: "sale_price_effective_date"

    Value: "2016-02-24T13:00-0800/2016-02-29T15:30-0800"

"sale_price_effective_date" "2016-02-24T13:00-0800/2016-02-29T15:30-0800"

Requirements explained

  • This attribute requires start date and stop date to work properly

  • If you don't include time, start time default to 12 AM CET (midnight) of start day and stop time is set to 23:59:59 of stop day

  • Start datetime shall be earlier than stop datetime

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