This attribute is required for selected markets. It is also recommended to include this cost to improve conversion.

The shipping attribute is used to specify the cost of shipping of a product. It's highly recommended as an offer, as without shipping it's less attractive for the user.

Shipping cost must be present for products sold in:

  • France

Technical specification


  • shipping:country - enum, ISO 3166 Alpha-2 code

  • shipping:region - UTF-8

  • shipping:service - UTF-8

  • shipping:cost - ISO 4217


  • shipping:country - N/A (enum)

  • shipping:region - 50?

  • shipping:service - 50?

  • shipping:cost - ?


Yes, the attribute can be repeated up to 100 times.

XML syntax

<price>6.49 USD</price>

<price>15.99 USD</price>

CSV Syntax

shipping(country:postal_code:region:service:price) US:MA:Ground:15.99 USD


- Submit complete shipping information 
- Overestimate if you can't provide accurate shipping cost
- Submit shipping cost including VAT, use local currency


Shipping: SE:Skåne:DHL:9.49 SEK
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