This attribute is optional. Please note, that shipping is required for all products sold on French market. The shipping attribute is used to specify the cost of shipping of a product.


  • Type: Nested

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Repeatable: yes, up to 100

  • Subattributes:

    • country (required) - String, ISO 3166 alpha-2 code

    • service (optional) - String, 50 characters

    • region (optional) - String, 50 characters

    • price (required) - PriceField, Number, currency (ISO 4217) and decimal point

    • min_handling_time (optional) - Integer

    • max_handling_time (optional) - Integer

    • min_transit_time (optional) - Integer

    • max_transit_time (optional) - Integer

Accepted values

  • Submit complete shipping information

  • Overestimate if you can't provide accurate shipping cost

  • Submit shipping cost including VAT, use local currency

  • If you provide information about handling or transit time then min_handling_time should be lesser or equal to max_handling_time and min_transit_time should be lesser or equal to max_transit_time

XML examples

  • Example 1

    <price>20 SEK</price>
  • Example 2

    <price>20 SEK</price>
  • Example 3

    <price>20 SEK</price>

CSV examples

  • Example 1

    Column: shipping

    Value: "SE::DHL:20 SEK"

    "SE::DHL:20 SEK"

    NOTE: If you don't specify subattributes in brackets we expect all 4 values in following order: country, region, service, price. If you don't have some of them leave them blank, but remember about ":" separator. If you want to specify more than country, region, service and price, don't use shipping header, but use extended header syntax - shipping(country:region:service:price:min_handling_time).

  • Example 2

    Column: shipping(country:price)

    Value: "SE:20 SEK"

    "SE:20 SEK"

  • Example 3

    Column: shipping(country:price:service)

    Value: "SE:20 SEK:DHL"

    "SE:20 SEK:DHL"

  • Example 4

    Column: shipping(country:price:service:min_handling_time:max_handling_time:min_transit_time:max_transit_time)

    Value: "SE:20 SEK:DHL:1:3:2:5"

    "SE:20 SEK:DHL:1:3:2:5"

Requirements explained

  • It's highly recommended as an offer without shipping it's less attractive for the user

  • It is also recommended to include this cost to improve conversion

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