This attribute is optional. Please note that product_type is required if google_product_category is not present.


  • Type: String

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Repeatable: no

  • Length: 255 characters

Accepted values

  • Use full category path

  • Add single category

  • Add category that clearly points to what type of products it is

  • Use only one attribute of this type per product

XML examples

  • Example 1

    <product_type>Electronics > Smartphones > Android</product_type>

CSV examples

  • Example 1

    Column: product_type

    Value: "Electronics > Smartphones > Android"

    "Electronics > Smartphones > Android"

Requirements explained

  • Avoid adding categories like Apple, Sale, Black Friday 2023

  • Full category path helps with product categorization in our system. This means that product with good category path will be indexed faster.

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