This attribute is optional, however it is strongly recommended to add it in fashion products. Also, please bear in mind that adding size_system will improve search results and listings.

Size is used to describe a product size. When this attribute is used, your different sized offers/products will appear individually on Prisjakt's listings. This helps the user find the right size.

Technical specification

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Maximum 100 characters


  • No, use one size item per product.

XML syntax


CSV Syntax



  • Use standard values

  • For products with multiple sizes use slack to separate values 32/34

  • Don't add info like none, NA


Product: New Balance 574 Black 44 2/3 
Size_system: 44 2/3
Size: EU
Color: Black
group_item_id: 574BK
Product: New Balance 574 Green 45 
Size_system: 45
Size: EU
Color: Green
group_item_id: 574GR
Product: New Balance 574 White 42 2/3 
Size_system: 42 2/3
Size: EU
Color: White
group_item_id: 574WH
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