This attribute is currently only applicable to our shoe categories.


This attribute is optional, but if it is applied, size_system must also be specified.

Size is used to describe a size in fashion categories. For products with several sizes, use separate rows for each size.

When this attribute is used, your products in different sizes will be displayed individually on PriceSpy. It helps the user to find the right size.


  • Type: String

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Repeatable: no

  • Length: up to 100 characters

XML examples

  • Example 1

  • Example 2


CSV examples

  • Example 1

    Column: size

    Value: "44.5"

  • Example 2

    Column: size

    Value: "44"


Requirements explained

  • Use numeric values

  • Use point as decimal separator

  • For multi-size products, use separate rows for each size.

    (This is so that each size will be seen as a separate offer and thus become filterable by size)

  • Do not add information such as "none", "not available" or "NA"

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