This attribute is required. It should contain the full product name.

The title is used to clearly state what product your shop is selling. It's the most important attribute for Prisjakt to be able to index your product/offer correctly. It should contain a manufacturer name along with product name or model. Including size, colour and gender is recommended for product types that specifies this.

Technical specification

  • Encoding: UTF-8

  • Maximum 255 characters


No, use only one title attribute per product.

XML syntax

<g:title>Samsung Galaxy S8 Black 128G</g:title>

CSV Syntax

Samsung Galaxy S8 Black 128G


- Use the same title as it is present on your product page 
- Add variant information if applicable: colour, size, gender etc
- Do not use HTML tag - Do not include promotional text
- Do not use tabs or extra spaces
- Detail information should be placed in the product description
- Preferred syntax [brand] + [model name] + [additional product information]
- Use language of the specific market where the product is being sold


Product Running shoes title New Balance 574 43.5 Blue
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