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We need a product feed from you
We need a product feed from you

Information about what we want in a product feed, in what format and why

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The first step you should take as a shop, to make your offers visible at PriceSpy, is to provide us with a product feed. When it's added correctly we can connect your offers to our product pages.

The more information you provide in your product feed, the easier it is for us to
quickly implement e.g price changes or add new products from your range.

* Previously, we have used the term Price File in our communications but have
chosen to switch to product feed as this has become a more widely accepted
term. In other words, a product feed is the same as a Price File.

This is a product feed

A product feed contains key data about your products. This includes product
names, manufacturers, prices and product codes (GTIN/MPN).

We want your product feed to be in either XML (recommended) or CSV file format,
and it's important that it is standardized as per the Google Merchant format.

More information about the format and standard can be found here

The product feed should include all products from the store.

We also offer additional attributes and values that give you access to all of our website functions. These include member_price, prisjakt_id, and other permitted values for availability.

  • member_price - Member prices: Shows reduced product prices only available
    to members of your customer club.

  • prisjakt_id - PriceSpy ID: Offers better control over our
    product indexing so that you can match the product to our
    index so that your offer is listed correctly.

View all of our attributes here.

The product feed must be continuously available via a URL from which we can
retrieve the latest information. Once we’ve added the feed to our system, you
can use our Business Center tools to view the status of your products.

The attributes we need in your product feed

So that we can read your product feed, it must include certain information about
your products. Here are the attributes we need with links to more information
should you be interested.

The attributes we must have in the product feed:

availability: The current stock status of the product. Here you specify whether
the product is in stock, is a special order item, or can be pre-booked prior to its

condition: The condition of the product. Such as whether it’s brand new, used or
a display copy.

id: A unique ID for each product so that we can identify it in the system. One
good idea is to use the SKU or the MPN, which are always unique.

link: The URL of the product so that we can direct our users to the right webpage
of your shop.

price: The price you currently offer. We cannot display the product unless we
have a price.

title: The product name used in your shop. The name must include both the
manufacturer and the model designation.

These attributes are important to us but are optional:

google_product_category: Here you can add Google’s categorisation of the
product as listed in the Google Taxonomy standard.

product_type: If you can't provide Google categorisation you can instead add your shops category path in this attribute. Use the full category path for example: Electronics > Smartphones > Android

gtin: A product identification code (Global Trade Item Number) that enables us
to index the product automatically. We follow these standards:

image_link: Here you add the URL of any images related to the product.

mpn: Manufacturer Part Number. We use this code to automatically index your
products and offers.

shipping: Specifies the shipping price and delivery time (including your handling

sale_price: Enables us to display sale prices in our listings. Make sure that the
sale_price matches the price on your website.

sale_price_effective_date: Used to specify the date range during which the
sale_price applies.

member_price: Specify if you have a special price for your customer club
members. Membership must be free. To activate sale prices, please contact a
member of our sales team.

prisjakt_id: Add the right product ID from a PriceSpy product. We’ll
be able to use this mapping to automatically index your offers.

size: Used to describe size in fashion categories.

(Currently only applicable in our clothes and shoe categories).

size_system: Used to define which size system the product refers to. It is mandatory (and only necessary) to add if size is included in the feed.
(Currently only applicable in our shoe categories).

age_group: Used to define the age group for a specific product. It can be about clothes and toys and more, but it is also used for conversion in different size_systems.

(Currently only applicable in our shoe categories).

gender: This attribute is optional but is recommended in fashion categories to improve search results and listing of offers but it is also used conversion on different size_systems.

(Currently only applicable in our shoe categories).

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