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Q&A: Replace Price Forecasts with Price Trends
Q&A: Replace Price Forecasts with Price Trends
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Q: Why is the Price Forecast removed?

A: We’ve been monitoring the Price forecasts for quite some time, and found that this feature hasn’t helped our users as we hoped from the start. For example, 50% of all Price forecasts are just a “straight line”.

Q: What is the Price Trend?

A: General Price Trend for other products at the corresponding time after launch. The Price Trend is based on historical data from similar products. The red line shows the average price trend. Red shading shows range.

Q: Will the Price Trend be visible for all products?

Q: Why is the Price Trend not visible for this product?

A: Some categories have insufficient product details for reasonable similarity calculations. We are currently unable to provide Price Trends on these products.

Q: Will Price Forecast still be visible somewhere?

A: No, Price Forecast will be removed from all Prisjakt markets and products.

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