Google Sheets Add-On

The Google Sheets Add-On from PriceSpy gives you direct access to PriceSpy report from Google Sheets.

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With the Google Sheets Add-On you can access all your PriceSpy data directly from Google Sheets. Analytics data, such as clicks and cost, from all the shops connected to your PriceSpy account is available, with date and price segment dimensions.

Before you start

You must have PriceSpy account to set up the tools.

To access PriceSpy Analytics reports, you must also have a profiled shop at PriceSpy.

To access PriceSpy Insights reports, you must have a subscription for at least on Insights report.

How it works

  1. Create a new Google Sheet.

  2. Go to Google Sheets marketplace and search for "PriceSpy".

  3. Install the Add-On and enter your PriceSpy username and password.

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