Cyber Monday

What is Cyber Monday?

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber monday started as online retailers own day. Today the difference between physical shops and online retailers deal periods has almost vanished entirely. But for the person that wants to find a good deal you can actually have more luck on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday always happens the Monday after Black Friday. It is no coincidence that they happen so close together. Cyber Monday is the online retailers answer to Black Friday which was primarily physicals shops sales period from the beginning.

The expression was coined by the American tradeorgansation NRF foundation year 2005. A few years later the phenomena started to spread outside of the US and has grown exponentially the last few years. It is still not nearly as known as Black Friday, but if you are looking for a good deal you should keep track of Cyber Monday prices as well.

To entice online shoppers to spend their money on Cyber Monday a few shops lower their prices even more than what they did on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday primarily focuses on tech products, hence the name.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has come to blend more and more for each year that passes, but Cyber Monday differentiates from Black Friday in that way that they are still only for online retailer where Black Friday is for both.

Another thing that differs between the two spending days is that Cyber Monday is contained to one day whereas Black Friday has expanded to cover almost a full week.

Smarter Shopping during Cyber Monday with PriceSpy

1. Price compare before you purchase

Don't always trust that every offer you find in a shop is the best one. Do a price comparison on PriceSpy - either in our website or through our app - where you will see right away if it is a good deal or not.

2. Check the price history

Our Price history graph reveals how often the shops lower or raise their prices. This will help you see if a shop covertly raises a price before a sales period and if you should purchase the item for the sales price or if you should wait.

3. Price alerts

Price alerts makes it so you don't have to check for price drops manually. Set up an alert for a product on PriceSpy and we will notify you when a shop lowers the price or if the products is in stock again. You can receive the notifications through email or our app.

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