The conversion rate checker makes it possible to follow up on the conversion rate for clicks delivered by PriceSpy. The service is free of charge.

Step 1 -

ref=pricespy should be added to all links in the pricefile. If you already have tracking on your links you would add &ref=pricespy, if you do not have any sort of tracking you add ?ref=pricespy. If you do not have a pricefile and we scrape your website you need to contact us through our messenger-function on the website. If you don’t have the possibility to add the tracking links yourselves to the price file you can contact us through the messenger aswell.

How do you check if it works?

To see if step 1 works you would need to go to a product page on PriceSpy where you are listed. There you then click on your shops listing so you land on your product page. In the product link you should then see ref=pricespy.


Step 2 -

The script needs to be on every page on your webshop that includes your homepage, product pages and everything else, that is something only you can add.


<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


You are more than welcome to download the script and run it on your own servers instead. The above mentioned script looks for ref=pricespy in the url.

How do you check if it works?

To see if the script is working properly would need to go to a product page on PriceSpy where you are listed. There you then click on your shops listing so you land on your product page. To double verify that Step 1 is working you should see ref=pricespy In the product link. If you use Chrome you can then right click the page and then choose inspect, after that go to application -> Cookies. Among the cookies you already have you would need to be able to see the cookie called pjref.

The cookie prisjakt%7C1598350454960, will say pricespy instead of prisjakt, is an example of a unique cookie that has been created och needs to be saved as it will be used in step 3.


Step 3 -

Many websites works in different ways but the script should always be put on the purchase confirmation page, because of that we have a hard time to give assistance in this step. What you could do is send us a screenshot or a short video of the script after you have made a test purchase so we can see if we can give any tips on what might be wrong.

<img src="[your shopid]&ref=[value of the cookie pjref]&summa=[total order amount]"/>

In the script that you add to the order confirmation page you need to add the following:


This is your shop id on PriceSpy, you can find that by going to your storefront on PriceSpy. In that link you can then find the right numbe, example:


You then need to take the unique cookie that was created in step 2 and add that to the script.

Order Value

Last but not least you need to add the total order value including VAT.

Here is an example of what the script could look like when all is done.

<img src=""/>



Wrong ftgid

In some cases e-commerce platforms or IT-services are the ones that implements the conversion rate checker, and they might have a pre-made template for this.Sometimes it happens that they have the wrong ftgid for that specific store in the script shown in step 3. This is a pretty common error so we urge you to double check that before getting in touch with us.


Sometimes we see that shops have forgotten to add pricespy% in the cookie and just take the numbers that follows, that will cause the conversion tracker to not work. Keep in mind to implement the entire cookie for the script on the confirmation page.

Conversion tracking

When you are done with all the steps you can then go to PriceSpy Analytics -> Purchases. There you can then click the button show purchases to see the amount of conversions.

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