With our termination follow-up, you can follow terminations in Analytics to see the conversion rate of the clicks Prisjakt delivered. A free service.


  1. Ensure that the parameter ref=prisjakt is added to your direct links (either by doing this directly in the price file you supply, or contact us).

  2. On all pages where one can conceivably enter your online shop (product pages, start page, etc.) the following is added:

    <script src="https://instore.pricespy.co.uk/in.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

  3. On the termination page, enter the following:

    <img src="https://instore.pricespy.co.uk/register.php?ftgid=[shop-ID]&ref=[value from the cookie pjref]&summa=[order value]"/>

  4. where [...] is replaced with the correct values ​​from the cookie or the order value in integers.

  5. The values ​​for the individual order must thus be dynamically retrieved and inserted into the call above.

    Examples of what a call can look like:

    <img src="https://instore.pricespy.co.uk/register.php?ftgid=429&ref=ABCDEF0123456789&summa=99999"/>

    The image only needs to be displayed if you detect there is a cookie with the name pjref (it is set by the first javascript). The image is only 1 pixel large and transparent.

For any questions, please contact us on [email protected]

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