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Products that do not fit into any of our categories

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We index all products that fit into our active categories on PriceSpy. To be able to index a product we need to know the name of the manufacturer and the brand name.

We usually do not index any ¨white label¨ or ¨no name¨ -products. We also do not index products that we do not have product categories for.

These products that do not fit into any of our categories are sorted into PriceSpy RAW or Prisjakt Expert as it is known in our Nordic markets.

In the picture below you can see what a non-indexed product looks like in the search results.

These products are not sorted into a specific product listing on PriceSpy where you are able to see pictures, specifications, reviews, or all the shops that offer that product.

There is no product listing so the links in the search results go directly to the shops instead.

The search results that show up in PriceSpy RAW/Prisjakt Expert are data directly from the stores and not controlled by PriceSpy.

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