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Create a user account on PriceSpy
Create a user account on PriceSpy

How to create a user account on PriceSpy

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If you use PriceSpy regularly we recommend that you become a registered user with us. It is completely free and gives you a slough of benefits. For an example it becomes easier to monitor price changes, writes reviews and save product lists.

  • Easier to create and change price alerts

  • Save and sync your product lists

  • Write product reviews

To create a user account you will have to go to the PriceSpy homepage and then click the icon in the higher right-hand corner of the webpage.

Then you click the ¨Create account¨ after you have done that you have to fill in your email address as well as choose a password.

When you have completed those steps you will receive an email to your chosen email address with a link that will verify your account. After you click the link in the email you can access all the features as well as your account settings, lists and price alerts.

If you use PriceSpy on different markets and want to use your account across markets you would unfortunately not be able to due to system limitations.

To become a registered user on our different markets you would have to create separate users for each market, you would also have to use different email addresses for those accounts.

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