As a featured shop at PriceSpy you will have access to a plethora of different services and tools that will help you increase sales, improve your visibility in the PriceSpy product listing and boost your brand awareness.

These services are included free of charge with the featured shops contract and can also boost your credibility with our users.

Purchase reviews

Our most popular and probably most important service, Purchase reviews, means that you embed a link/picture on your confirmation page after a purchase. Your shoppers can then fast and easy leave a review on PriceSpy with their purchase experience without having to create a PriceSpy account.

One or two weeks post the review, we follow up with an email, and ask the shopper to update their review and rating. In most cases this generates a good amount of reviews and increases the shops rating on PriceSpy and in turn leads to a more attractive visibility. On top of that, a shop with a high rating is listed higher up on the product page compared to other shops with the same price!

Shop rating

Why not brag about your well deserved rating? With the Shop rating badge you can easily show your PriceSpy-rating on your website. The widget is dynamic and shows you rating in real time. No need for manual updates!

Cheapest on PriceSpy

As we all know, being cheapest on the market leads to a boost in in sales. Let your shoppers know about which products you have the best price by adding this widget to your shops product card or listing. This is also a dynamic widget and gets updated in real time.

These services are easy to implement and as said earlier, are included in your featured store agreement.

To find instructions on how to add them, log in to PriceSpy → Analytics

→ PriceSpys' instore services.

For more information, or if you need further help, contact us through the chat

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