How to set an alert

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When you are planning on buying a product it's a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Alert function. When the price on your selected product has been reduced you will get a notification

This is how you do it:
First you find the product you want to set an alert on, please note that the product needs to be indexed - these means that the product has a product page

When you are on the product page, you click the "Price Alert" button, the button with a bell on, as seen below.

Here you can set and modify:

  • To only receive notification from shops with higher than for instance 4 stars (On a 1-5 scale)

  • To only receive a notification when the product reaches a certain price

  • To only receive a notification when the chosen price has been reached and then when it lowers with for example £10 or any amount of your choosing.

  • To only receive a notification when the product is in stock.

When you are happy with your settings you can just click Set Price Alert!

If you want to change or remove your alerts, you can find them on the left side of the page, the Bell icon click the 3 dots and a menu appears where you edit or delete your alert.

Good Luck!

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